Mistakes you should avoid during bathroom renovations


Bathrooms are usually one of the smallest rooms in the house but used the most! They are also quite expensive to renovate. But if bathroom renovations are carried out with proper planning and expertise, it can be an excellent investment and can add value to your house overtime.

Bathroom Renovators can help you renovate your bathroom and this can make a huge difference to your entire house.  However, if you fall into a renovation trap or just end up making bad choices, the budget might go out of control and you may just end up having a bathroom which doesn’t add value to the property at all!

Here’s a few of the potential bathroom renovation rip-offs you should watch out for:

Ending up spending too much or not enough: The amount you spend on bathroom renovations would vary depending on individual needs, the property value, the style of your home and the bathroom space. In family homes, bathrooms might have a more practical design. The style of your home can also be an important factor. If you invest more in an opulent bathroom, it should match well with your home’s luxury appeal. Ultimately, you have to just renovate your bathroom sticking to your budget. Minimise the costs by contracting tradespeople at the best price possible. Don’t undercapitalize the costs as it can devalue the property in the eyes of potential buyers. 

Never go for full renovation when minor renovation can work: It is a common mistake to replace a perfectly good bathroom when you can achieve a new look with just some minor changes. A major renovation would require changing the layout of plumbing which can be time-consuming. If you opt for a design that can use the existing plumbing – you will just need to replace the vanity, wall tiles, tapware and so on and this can help you save some portion from your budget. However, if you have any work that affects the floor, it might cost you more than your budget. Reach out to trusted and experienced specialists to advise you on how to effectively renovate your bathroom and to avoid any future issues.

Picking trendy over functional renovation: Bathroom styles and trends keep changing. Hence, it is important to select a style that would age reasonably well by emphasising on functionality. You should pick the bathroom essentials based on the style of the home itself and remain consistent with it. Renovating a bathroom in an older house might not increase the value of your property if the rest of the house remains worn out.

A major cost in renovating a bathroom would come down to the right fittings and style. Hence, it is important to do the research to ensure that you are getting the best price on your requirements for renovations. If you see something that is beyond your price range, you can look for similar alternatives to achieve the same look at half its cost.

Bathroom Renovations carried out by the bathroom renovators can help you reduce the cost and plan accordingly. However, be cautious about the people who might try to rip you off and give you an entirely different bathroom than what you had in your mind. Remember, it’s always ideal to consult an expert before you plan and execute a bathroom renovation.