Before Buying, Know 6 Properties of Gypsum Board


In erecting a building or a house, you need a variety of building construction materials which certainly suit your needs. If you are looking for a lightweight wall material but has many benefits, you should choose a gypsum board. Gypsum is a material that is used as a construction material forming the walls, insulation, partitions, and ceiling of the house.

Gypsum board is made of a mixture of paper material. Unlike building construction boards in general, gypsum board has a thin thickness of about 9-15 mm. Although thin, this building material has advantages and disadvantages. Let’s look at the following.

Easy installation process

Unlike bricks which must be installed one by one and take a long time, the installation of gypsum board does not take much time and energy. Typically, gypsum is sold in broad sheet form. This form makes you not have to bother to install a gypsum board because a gypsum board is able to cover  a large space. Its light weight also makes it easier to install.

Besides being easy to install, gypsum boards are easy to cut using any cutting tool. The finishing process   can be done easily, either using traditional building tools to very sophisticated building tools. This thin thickness also makes it easy to nail and shape as desired.

Able to reduce sound

The second property possessed by gypsum board is its ability to reduce sound. This white building material is suitable for use in an office in which there is also a production factory. By using gypsum board as a divider or divider between rooms, the office will not be disturbed by the noise produced by factory production machines. Workers can also be more focused in contributing to the company. Gypsum board is also suitable for use in a music studio or  home theater room. Its use is able to reduce sound transmission to another room.

Easy to care for and repair

If gypsum starts to get dusty or dirty, you don’t need to repaint it. Rinse using a damp cloth or suck it. If gypsum has cracked hair, you can simply cover it with instant cement plaster. After the plastering is dry, override it with plamir which has the same color as the color of your gypsum. Alternatively, you can cut the damaged part of the gypsum board and patch it with a new gypsum board.

Can be overwritten with other color paint

Well, these properties that make gypsum more popular. You can override the gypsum board with a variety of decorations and paints, such as wall paint and  wallpaper . In addition, you can coat it with other coating products. You can create as freely as possible to produce a room divider or a beautiful ceiling to be able to match the interior style of your bedroom or other rooms in your home.

Not waterproof

Although it has slick useful properties, you need to underline that these materials are not friendly to water. As previously stated, gypsum is made from a mixture of paper material. This makes the gypsum board not waterproof. It is strongly recommended not to use gypsum boards in rooms that deal with water directly, such as kitchens and bathrooms.


Besides being not waterproof, these materials also include fragile materials. You can not put a heavy burden on it because it can make it crack, even broken to pieces. Older age also makes gypsum resistance begins to weaken. Therefore, it is better if you start replacing your gypsum board before more severe damage occurs.

You must understand these qualities before buying building materials. By understanding it, you can determine what building materials are right for your residence.