7 Types of Sleep Lights the Best Choice for More Quality Rest


Sleeping lights are very useful for building a comfortable atmosphere before going to sleep. But, the right type of light sleep needs to be adjusted to the characteristics of the room and your desires. Moreover, there are many types of sleep lights available on the market. Starting from wall lamps, hanging lamps, table lamps, to standing lamps.

Not every type of sleep lamp can be used for every type of room because usually, each has its own characteristics. For example, for a child’s bedroom and for an adult’s bedroom, of course, different needs so that its use cannot be beaten flat. You can find a wide selection of lights that best suit the needs of the room in Flos. Before you get confused, it’s better to immediately find out some types of sleep lights to choose from next.

Wall Sleeping Lights

As the name implies, this sleep lamp is used by mounting it to the wall. Wall lamp sleep will feel very easy, especially for those of you who have rooms that are not too spacious. The reason is, this lamp is stuck on the wall so it will not disturb or narrow the floor area of ​​your bedroom. There are many choices with a variety of shapes both large, small, traditional, or modern.

Projector Sleep Lamp

For those of you who don’t like sleeping in too dark or too bright lights, this projector sleep lamp is worth trying. The projection of the light produced by the projector’s sleep lamp is sufficient and painless. In other words, the projected light still feels dark enough to accompany sleep and also not too bright to make the eyes glare.

Character Sleep Light

Well, the following choices are guaranteed to be liked by your children! The character’s sleep lights come in a variety of interesting forms, from cartoon characters such as Hello Kitty, mickey mouse, to various superhero characters. With unique characters, your child can choose the type of character sleep lamp that they want. Another benefit, the character sleep light is not only useful for lighting but can also be displayed as decoration.

Wood Sleeping Lights

Wooden sleep lamp is one of the most desirable lighting lamps. Especially if the wooden bed lamp comes with a variety of decorative ornaments such as carvings, it will certainly increase its appeal as well. Wooden bed lamps also come in a variety of forms, from traditional forms to minimalist modern forms that are trendy now. If you are interested, be prepared to spend more in-depth because usually wooden bed lamps are sold at relatively expensive prices.

Hanging Bedroom Lights

Similar but not the same. That’s the right term when comparing hanging bedroom lamps with wall lamps. From the name alone you surely know that hanging bedroom lamps are used by hanging on the ceiling of the room. The main advantage of this hanging lamp is that the light produced spreads evenly throughout the room. However, you might feel a little uncomfortable because your eyes are in direct contact with the light.

Desk Bed Lamp

Speaking of the most commonly used sleep lamp, it seems like the answer is a desk lamp, huh? Desk bed lamps are widely used because it is far more practical and not too much trouble. You can turn it on and off immediately just within the reach of your hand without the need to bother stepping foot. Because of its strategic position beside the bed, the table lamp is often used as a comfortable reading lamp.

Floor Sleeping Lights

This sleep lamp choice is very popular with people who decorate their bedrooms in a fashionable minimalist style. Placement is quite flexible because it can be positioned next to the bed or in the corner of the room. No need to worry about glare because the light produced by the floor sleeping lamp is quite soft and painless. This floor lamp choice is guaranteed to make your bedroom look more Instagram able!