This is the Perfect Solution to Overcome Doors


You may have felt the wooden doors suddenly do not fit the jamb. As a result, the door becomes ‘dragged’ or jammed and is difficult to close or cannot be closed tightly.

The period of expansion of wood is affected by the surrounding environment. Rain that falls will make the air humid so that the volume of wood so it expands larger than the actual size. Moreover, if the wooden door or window is often exposed to water splashes, it will be difficult and not smooth when opening and closing.

Changes in size and shape, usually occurs in wooden doors outside the house, or connected to the outside.


The first step is when you first install a wooden door, provide sufficient cavity between the door and the frame. This cavity will later be filled when the wood expands during the rainy season.

No less important is the selection of wood species. So that wood shrinkage does not occur and the door is difficult to close later, you should choose wood that has been roasted.

The small amount of wood in the oven makes the expansion shrinkage not far adrift, so it does not make the problem difficult to close the door when the rainy season arrives.

The solution

To overcome the wood doors or windows that are already expanding, the way is to drag the wood. Previously, remove the door or window from the jamb.

Shrink about 1-2 mm then adjust the door or window again if it can fit into the frame and can be moved smoothly.

So that the shavings are not too visible, shaved wood in a hidden part such as the part near the hinge.

Now, after knowing the tips on how to overcome difficult to close doors and how to prevent them, now you don’t need to worry anymore when the rainy season comes because it can be overcome.
Good luck!