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Relentless digital knowledge progress is inevitable as knowledge has turn out to be critical to all elements of human life over the course of the past 30 years. ActiveScale software is designed for excessive reliability, security, and availability for knowledge development and retention. Interstellar commerce was subsequently severely restricted or non-existent. This pressured the person, colonised star systems to be utterly self-sufficient in all of their vital necessities (food, medication, technology, and so forth.) and allowed them to develop distinctive languages and cultures. The Age of Technology, informally also recognized as the “Dark Age of Technology,” was the zenith of Humanity’s scientific knowledge and technological prowess within the Milky Way Galaxy, which lasted from the fifteenth Millennium A.D. Its creator, a fan of Yang Mi, issued an apology on microblogging site Weibo and said he’d made the video as a warning to boost awareness of the technology.

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