Maximize Natural Lighting, Here Is The Secret Trick!

The lighting system in residential, especially natural lighting is one important factor that should not be underestimated when designing a house. Not only to facilitate activities due to better lighting, good natural lighting will also make the space in the house more comfortable and healthy because it is able to minimize the growth of parasites and germs and bacteria.

Want to improve the natural lighting in your home? Check out how to maximize natural lighting and natural lighting inspiration to make your home even more comfortable!

Take advantage of the Door as Natural Lighting

The most basic and conventional natural lighting system is a house window. If the window in your house does not allow, you can get additional natural lighting from the door, you know.

Not only as a circulation and  entrance , you can design doors at home with materials and designs that allow natural lighting to penetrate into the room. Apart from being a natural lighting, door designs like this can provide a more attractive and elegant look to the house.

Natural Lighting through Skylights

Space in the house is attached to another room so it is difficult to get natural lighting from the wall elements through the window? Difficult does not mean impossible. Take advantage of skylight designs   that allow the room to get natural lighting from the top of the room.

If the  design of the  skylight  feels too complicated and requires   more budget , the use of a roof made of glass is also quite popular as a substitute   for the skylight to add a source of lighting in the dwelling.

Alternative Natural Lighting with  Glass Block

Providing openings in housing can indeed provide natural lighting in the home. But, sometimes there are  views  that you want to avoid. For that, you can change the source of natural lighting in the room by using frosted  glass block  so that natural light can penetrate into the room without creating a  view  unwanted visible from inside the room.

For an attractive appearance, you can arrange the composition of the  glass block  as attractive as possible and you will get an aesthetic that is also able to maximize the lighting in the room.

Natural Lighting with Dramatic Shadow Effects with Roster

Not just bright, you can design natural lighting to bring a more dramatic atmosphere. This dramatic effect one of which you can get from the shadows in the room through the use of  roster or loster .

Now there are many choices of attractive and modern roster designs  so that not only for natural lighting to provide a dramatic shadow effect, but also aesthetically pleasing and attractive.

Ventilation is not only for air circulation

Generally, the presence of room ventilation is indeed intended as a source of air circulation in the room. However, besides that the ventilation of the room was also modified to allow the entry of natural lighting into the room

For that, there is no harm in providing wider space ventilation by using transparent materials that allow light to enter the dwelling.

There are not many alternative ways to present natural lighting to your home other than using windows, conventional natural lighting methods that are more commonly used. With creativity, there are many elements in a room that can be a pathway for natural lighting into the house. The use of glass roofing materials, glass block walls  , to  rooster  are some unique alternatives that could be your choice.

Even though it has good natural source lighting in a room, never underestimate the presence of artificial lighting to maximize the room’s lighting, yes. Come on, start to be creative and create a more comfortable and functional room with maximum lighting.