Kinds of Air Cooler that You should Know Before Buying it

AC turns out to have several types with different shapes even though the function is the same to cool the room. If all this time you only mention all types of AC with AC, then it’s time for you to recognize and know the types of air conditioning. By knowing the type of air conditioner that you have at home, you can recognize when there is damage to the air conditioner. You can also quickly contact the AC service or call the AC washer to clean the air conditioner. In fact the AC also requires regular maintenance so that it can still work optimally and optimally. Of course it’s not a new story anymore if you hear complaints that there is air conditioning but it can’t make the room cool. By knowing the type of air conditioner you are using, this will make it easier for you to prepare a budget for maintenance or not. You can do your own maintenance even though you only wipe the body parts of the air conditioner so that it is not dirty.

AC Standing Floor type

This type of AC one you might have encountered in just a few rooms. Although it is still rare to use the actual type of AC standing floor is also quite attractive because it is easy to move to the desired place. And because of this practical you will often find this type of AC one at a wedding reception or in other celebration events. And to move from one place to another is also quite easy, no special care is needed.

AC cassette type

This type of AC has a larger size than split AC. Both have two AC parts except that the difference is quite clear. Both have indoor and outdoor AC parts. Air conditioning is usually installed in the ceiling of the room or on the ceiling of the room. Usually the AC will be used in a very wide room considering the shape of the AC is also large. Usually the size of the AC cassette starts from 1.5 PK to 6 PK. Pk stands for Paard Kracht, which is horsepower and comes from the Dutch language. In Indonesian it is called watt.

Central AC or Split Duct

As the name implies, the type of AC one is often used in malls or offices with spacious rooms. Called central AC because the AC settings are at one central point. Cold distribution system on air conditioners using ducting systems. Central air conditioning has several advantages that are considered. For central air conditioning you can hide indoor installations in the room so that it looks prettier, besides that the air conditioner also doesn’t sound or has excessive noise.


VRV stands for Variable Refrigerant Volume, AC VRV has advanced technology and is also equipped with a CPU. Not only that, VRV is also equipped with CPU and Computer Inverter which has proven to be reliable and also able to save energy. Among the types of AC, AC VRV is claimed to be the most energy efficient air conditioner. This AC one also has a changing work system or refrigerant. So with the system that is owned by VRV, the temperature can be adjusted centrally from the computer and also with one outdoor can be used for 2 indoor air conditioners. This way you can also save space for the outdoor part of the air conditioner.

solar air conditioner

The components in the solar air cooler consist of blowers, compressors, condensers, cooling filters, such as air filters, evaporators, expansion valves and control units that have been installed on the base plate. And together with the AC component and the base plate it will be inserted into the plate so that it becomes one unit that is intact. This air conditioner is made of small size and easily installed. Once installed, just plug in the socket and turn it on. The operation of the air conditioner is also quite easy and has affordable nutrition and maintenance costs are also relatively cheaper compared to other types of air conditioners. It’s just that for this solar air conditioner all rooms can be installed because indeed for the condenser part it must be open so that the hot air that comes out can be discharged into the wild.

Split AC

For this one AC component is divided into two units, namely indoor and outdoor. The indoor part consists of the control unit, air filter, evaporator, expansion valve and evaporator blower. For outdoor parts consist of condenser blower, refrigerant filter, compressor and condenser. This working system for split air conditioners separates the hot side and the cold side. The cold side consists of an expansion valve and an evaporator coil which is placed in the Air Handler Unit. The Air Handler Unit will blow air through the evaporator coil and air, after passing through the evaporator the air will cool. For the cold side it is called a condensation unit or condenser and is usually placed on the outside. Ac split has the advantage of sound in a room that is not noisy. And it can also be placed in a middle room like a shop building. Even though it has advantages, split AC also has disadvantages such as