Is it safe to allow your Children for Scuba diving?

Professional Association of Dive Instructors (PADI) say that the children are qualified as youngest Divers in open water since at the age of 10. Regardless, this is suitable for all kids is still a matter of discussion in several platforms that deals in diving. The developmental rate of all kids is different both mentally and physically thus making it hard to conclude a specific age for children that is save for diving purposes. It is of significant importance to consider a children mental capabilities, physical confines and its developing power while defining whether he/she is all set for scuba diving. For more information click

All teenagers and children shouldn’t dive

All the authorities that run official scuba diving institutions permit kids to register themselves in scuba training classes. But not all children and teenagers are capable to manage the anxiety of submerged atmosphere. In fact a schematic plot is needed for a diving purpose. According to PADI if succeeding queries are responded positively than a child or teenager might be consider all ready to register him/herself in authorization course of scuba diving.

Recommendations to determine whether a child is ready for Scuba diving

  • A child must show his/her full consent for scuba diving
  • Institution must check the medical necessities of child to determine whether he/she is medically fit or unfit
  • Children must have enough devotion duration to learn from classes diving instruction for scuba diving
  • A child must have the ability to keep in mind the  multiple safety guidelines for scuba diving
  • kids must have improved reading skills to acquire knowledge from reading material given for adults
  • Also a child must have capability to inform a problem if he/she go through tough time
  • Children should have suitable power to restraint

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1.       Essential Medical requirements of children needed for scuba diving

  • During pregnancy while baby is in the womb her/his heart develop a pathway that permit the blood to go around the lungs. After delivery this pathway closes slowly as the baby get mature. This hole is known as “Patent Foramen Ovale”. In some children at the age of ten this hole has partial opening that increase the risk of depressurize illness. So one must have a proper check for this in children.
  • During scuba diving a diver add air to his/her central ear in order to balance the pressure of air. Although the functioning of a kid’s ear can cause some hindrance in order to maintain this equilibrium. Because children below age 12 it is a bit harsh to regulate this equilibrium because their ear tubes are flattened and not fully developed yet.
  • Also, nitrogen and a rise in pressure can effect developing tissues and bones. As there is no proper knowledge about its effect it must be properly checked.
  • It must be kept in mind that kids may feel disturbance that is different from young people. Due to lack of understanding about physical awareness during diving they may not respond to dangerous situations as quickly as adults do.
2.       Emotional influences
  • Due to physical thoughtfulness a child may get unable to use intellect and perceptions to response at the time of danger. Therefore in most of the training classes a trainer dive along with these children in order to inform about any danger if they may face.
  • Likewise not all the kids know about the rules that are essential for scuba diving as well as for their safety purposes. So if a child show non serious behavior so it is better to keep him/her away from water.
  • Also it is necessary to develop responsibility in children for their other young partners in case of any discomfort. Therefore it is necessary to work on perceptive skills of the children too.

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