ACCEL Drywall & Restore


One in every of Oakland Counties most prestigious portray company. Brush the inside corner clear, then apply a thick bead of joint compound alongside the inside nook. Firmly press patch in place with mesh dealing with outward. As for supplies, drywall compound, mesh tape, paper tape, drywall nails and screws maintain most repairs. Popped nails may be fastened by tapping the popped nail beneath the wall’s floor after which driving a second nail or drywall screw next to it to hold the primary nail in place.

If the bead is dented, use a metallic-reducing hack saw to chop through the bead above and beneath the damaged area (picture 1). Then use a utility knife to chop vertically across the nook bead (picture 2). Nook bead is usually connected with drywall nails, so use a pry bar or claw hammer to take away the fasteners.

Now, screw your drywall patch to the wood cleats, again being cautious to not break the drywall’s paper coating. Typically you’ll discover a wire, pipe or duct (Picture 1). In that case, work rigorously around them with a drywall or keyhole saw. Listed below are the basic steps: Rating the wall with a utility knife to the left the best of the wall corner, simply past the tape seams.

Cover the tape and taper or feather” the perimeters of the brand new compound onto the encircling wall floor (image 5). Drywall compound must be utilized in a number of thin layers as a result of thicker layers are too tough to easy out and can finally cause cracking.

If the crack extends via the seam’s paper tape, or if the tape has pulled loose from the wall, use a razor knife to chop the tape about 6 to 12 inches from each ends of the harm (picture 1 and a couple of). Take away the tape but watch out to not tear away the drywall’s paper overlaying.